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Q1. How many drivers can be registered? How do I register additional drivers?

A : Up to 2 drivers can be registered per vehicle.

Q2. I would like to rent a non-smoking car.

A : Jeju Angel Car is a non-smoking vehicle.

Q3. Is it possible to enter Udo, an island affiliated with Jeju Island?

A : Udo entry is not possible

Q4. How do refunds work?

A : ▷ For foreigners, only credit card payment will be processed and refund will be made upon cancellation of card approval.

     ▷ If a fee is incurred, the card will be partially approved after the fee is excluded.

     ▷ Card authorization cancellation takes 7-10 business days.

Q5. I returned it earlier than the scheduled return time. Can I get a refund?

A : If there are more than 24 hours remaining, you can get a refund after deducting a 10% fee from the refund.

✓ No refund if the remaining time is less than 24 hours.

✓ You can only get a refund if you have a Korean account.

Q6. fuel

A : The amount of fuel filled at the time of takeover is randomly assigned and is shipped with at least 15% and at least 50% for electric vehicles.

When returning the vehicle, if there is less fuel than at the time of pick-up, a fuel fee may be charged.

✓ Refunds are available for excess fuel, and refunds take 7 days, excluding weekends and holidays.

✓ You can only get a refund if you have a Korean account.

Q7. I rented an electric car, do you have a charging card?

A : When picking up a rental car, you can charge an electric car with a [charge card] that allows unlimited charging after paying the charge card rental fee in advance and a [personal credit card] that allows you to pay as much as you use.

Q8. Is it possible to board with a pet and load fishing supplies?

A : Not possible.